Thursday, September 20, 2012


This fervent plea
This desperate hope
I send out to you
In hopes you will answer
I do not expect
Only seek
I do not demand
Only imagine
This moment of quiet chaos
My hammering heart inside
Holding myself rigid, taut
Against the storm raging in me
All I ask is for relief
A lifting of the burden
To where I can still bear it
Not be crushed under its weight

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Busy weekend

We sway underneath landscapes of plastic clouds
While ginger angels play their harps and croon so sweetly
We wander underneath crop circles
As the smell of gunpowder still lingers
We venture into the marble unknown
Sipping on chardonnay, waiting for ghosts to appear
We wade through the thick, dark fog
Searching for horrors untold, sharing secret smiles
We explore the neon exotic neighborhoods
Drinking salty broth, eating tender noodles
We maneuver the strange and unusual crowd
Avoiding encounters, evading confrontations
We lay on the sweet green grass in the dappled sunlight
Feasting, recording, laughing, trying not to cheat
We explore a genius’ progress through lines
Comparing his beginnings to his end
We consume this city so fully
We peek around every corner
We gobble up all its secrets
And know it has so many more to tell

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sweet surrender

As the sun sliding over the horizon
Gold creeping along the edges
I feel this steady building
A heavy expansion from within
Gently pushing against my ribcage
Delicately tapping at the tip of my spine
Echoing through the caverns of my mind
Caressing my skin from within
Spreading this glinting sensation
As surely as the rays pierce the sky
Warming my nerves to tingle
Setting my flesh to blushing heat
My eyes flutter against the sound
My muscles clench in languorous desire
Chills crisscross along and through me
And I don’t even try to fight this
My fingers itch to express
My knuckles ache with emotion
My shoulders gyrate to ease the tension
My neck drops in surrender
I know better than to focus
I give in to this sensation
The eternal hope of dawn
The constant relief of music


Every pound I burn
Is one I no longer have to bear
A small weight falling from my shoulders
Slowly but surely, dripping away
Every inch, every centimeter I lose
I feel the slightest difference
A new dimension to discover
A space that wasn’t there before
I chronicle my constant progress
I celebrate my little victories
I know the road ahead is long
And I gladly take each step one by one

Friday, August 3, 2012


I am a reflection, your perception
Nothing more than angles and opinions
I am all you believe me to be
Nothing more, nothing less
A constantly changing mirage
An evolution of memories and actions
Trends and quotes and tendencies
All lined up to create who you think I am
As well as you think you know me
As much as you see of my secret heart
Know that someone else has seen me, as well
And I was a completely different person in their eyes

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I promised you the moon
So that you could pull me to you like the tide
 I promised you the stars
 So that I could see them shine in your eyes
 I clutch you in my arms
 Like every childhood treasure I ever had
 I press my lips to yours
 To prove they are perfectly matched
 I wear your ring on my finger
 A small and sacred shackle to your heart
 I give all that I am to you
 Such a small gift to show my love for you

Saturday, July 7, 2012

New World

I hear the music and a cathedral is erected
The tears trail and I want all to be darkness
Just so I can hear it more clearly
Give in to every vocal, every crescendo, ever beat
I have nothing but gratitude for this visceral reaction
This moment of complete and total vulnerability
Where I am lost and abandoned and surrendered
My skin aches and my muscles are slack and I am at complete peace